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Volume 9.23 | Jun 23
1 HR AGO - De Novo Epigenetic Programs Inhibit PD-1 Blockade-Mediated T Cell Rejuvenation
Exosomes Offer Significant Potential in Detecting and Treating Disease
8 HRS AGO - Exosomes - tiny biological nanoparticles which transfer information between cells - offer Expand
In defense of Medicare’s annual wellness exam
11 HRS AGO - Medicare's free annual wellness visits give primary care physicians much-needed time to talk with Expand
FDA Approves First Companion Diagnostic Test to Simultaneously Screen for Multiple Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Therapies
12 HRS AGO - Oncomine Dx Target Test returns results in days, helping physicians rapidly develop treatment Expand
Generon’s A-337 Antibody Is Entering Phase 1 Trial as Treatment for Solid Tumors
1 DAY AGO - The A-337 antibody that Generon Corporation developed to sic immune-system T-cells on cancer cells Expand
Researchers find new evidence that autoimmunity plays role in Parkinson's disease
1 DAY AGO - Researchers have found the first direct evidence that autoimmunity- in which the immune system Expand
Targeting Nrp1 may help improve immunotherapy
2 DAYS AGO - Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh (PA, USA) have discovered that targeting regulatory Expand
$40 million backs Gamida’s breakthrough umbilical cord blood therapy
2 DAYS AGO - Jerusalem based Gamida Cell has closed their latest financing round with $40 million of new Expand
Could DNA barcoding be the key to detecting cancer earlier?
2 DAYS AGO - Researchers have developed an innovative technique to detect tumor DNA in blood with a greater Expand
Ilixadencel Provokes Strong Response Against Kidney Cancer, Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial Shows
5 HRS AGO - Injecting ilixadencel into the tumors of newly diagnosed metastatic kidney cancer patients Expand
Advancing immunotherapy for high-risk neuroblastoma patients: an interview with Juliet Gray
10 HRS AGO - The European Commission has recently approved dinutuximab beta for high risk neuroblastoma Expand
Pediatric disease designation for Fibrocell’s scelorderma candidate
12 HRS AGO - Fibrocell’s scleroderma gene therapy has been granted Rare Pediatric Disease Designation by the Expand
New ethical lapses alleged in controversial India cervical cancer screening trial
13 HRS AGO - A long-debated study aimed at validating a low-cost way to screen for cervical cancer in India has Expand
Grappling with cancers that break all the rules
1 DAY AGO - A renewed focus on glioblastoma and other tough-to-treat cancers that break all the rules could Expand
CRUK launches next phase of cancer ‘Grand Challenge’
1 DAY AGO - CRUK launches next phase of cancer ‘Grand Challenge’ June 22, 2017 Charity launches second set of Expand
Landmark FDA approval bolsters personalized medicine
2 DAYS AGO - The FDA's approval of a cancer drug based on the cancer's biomarkers, rather than its location in Expand
TET enzymes as oxygen-dependent tumor suppressors: exciting new avenues for cancer management
2 DAYS AGO - TET-activating strategies represent an exciting new avenue for cancer management, find out more in Expand
Scientists step closer to drug treatment for hepatitis B
2 DAYS AGO - A major new insight into how hepatitis B virus works could pave the way for new drug treatments Expand
Frontline Pembrolizumab Approval Leaves Questions for Later Lines in Bladder Cancer
5 HRS AGO - Jorge Garcia, MD, discusses how the field of bladder cancer has transformed with the FDA approval Expand
Conference report: Oxford Global’s 2nd Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology Congress
11 HRS AGO - Did you attend the 2nd Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology Congress this year? In this conference Expand
Genentech’s subcutaneous rituximab approved in US
22 HRS AGO - Genentech’s subcutaneous rituximab approved in US June 23, 2017 Subcutaneous version gives more Expand
Scientists develop new algorithm to decipher how immune system recognizes and binds antigens
1 DAY AGO - Scientists from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Expand
Nivolumab/Ipilimumab Combo Active in Sarcoma
2 DAYS AGO - Dual checkpoint inhibition with nivolumab (Opdivo) plus ipilimumab (Yervoy) induced an objective Expand
Acceleron Discontinues Development of Dalantercept for Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Therapy
2 DAYS AGO - The DART Phase 2 clinical trial, assessing Acceleron Pharma’s dalantercept in combination Expand
Immunotherapy for prostate cancer: What you need to know
2 DAYS AGO - Immunotherapy is an emerging treatment for cancer that aims to boost the immune system cells' Expand

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